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Here is why our customers love our services

“Harbour Link has used this firm as their managed services provider since November 2009.  Being the successful company we are today, it was imperative we have a reliable and reputable company to take care of all our Technology needs.  They have a team of professionals that not only provide us with 24/7 support but also manage and maintain all our computers, network and servers and our back-ups.  They understand our company and our values, are professional and prompt and provide our company with the technology and support required to enhance our communication and service performance as industry leaders.”


Marc Tews
Harbour Link

Whenever we have computer problems, or need help with a new installation, they come to the rescue in record time.  They are always courteous and efficient – best of all, they know exactly what they are doing, so there is no time wasted.

Our store is a franchise, based in Toronto, and they often have to converse by phone with our head office IT staff to update our Point of Sale and to correct computer glitches.  This they do with incredible patience!

I am happy to recommend them to any organization needing reliable, knowledgeable technical support.


Susan Balcom
Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies, Langley BC

Delta Cedar Products has a history of producing a well-recognized brand in the lumber industry with a reputation for consistently delivering high quality.  This is why it is essential we have a company that prides itself on reputation, efficiency and professionalism managing our Technology within the two sawmill sites we have. This team has expertly managed our day to day running of all our technology for over 4 years.  They install, monitor and service all our computers, networks and servers, the Telephone system, the Intercom system and maintain our regular company back-ups.  The team  has an excellent level of service, is prompt and extremely knowledgeable, and understand our needs.


Ajay Sharma
Delta Cedar Products

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